Children participating in a KIDS KRAV Self Defence Class at Divergent Martial Arts

KIndi KRAV Self Defence Classes

Self Defence Classes suitable for ages 4-5 years

Divergent Martial Arts KINDI KRAV self defence classes are an age appropriate version of the World's number 1 self defence system, KRAV MAGA.

Classes are suitable for both Beginners looking to have lots of fun, make new friends, boost their confidence, learn discipline and respect, as well as age appropriate self defence skills.

Our head coach has tailored a syllabus that builds confidence in our students, as well as providing them with a safe environment to learn self defence skills to combat the types of encounters and possible threats that a child between the ages of 4 to 5 might encounter.

We DO NOT teach forms or kata like Karate or Taekwondo, we teach effective, realistic defences for the modern world we live in.

Classes are informative, fun and are a place where your child can make new friends and feel like they are part of the larger Divergent Martial Arts family.

Progression from our Kindi Krav is to our Kid Krav Self Defence Class, for students aged six to 11.

What do our KINDI KRAV classes consist of?

A typical class consists of:

• A Warm-Up

• High Intensity Drills [Increase Fitness]

• Simple Self Defence Skills + Drills

• Mat Chat [Specific Topics Chosen Each Week]
• Skill Testing
• A Game [So Class Ends With A Smile]

All our classes are fun and interactive, all students participate in each component of a class.

What Divergent Martial Arts offer our students:

Our aim at Divergent Martial Arts is to help our students grow mentally and physically whilst they train with us. We see our students not as clients, or customers, but part of the Divergent Martial Arts Family!

We feel that it is important for everyone to arm themselves with the knowledge to protect themselves, to have self defence skills.

Divergent Martial Arts believe that each individual should take ownership of their own safety and of their loved ones; partners, children, other family members and friends by empowering them with the best possible self defence training available - KRAV MAGA!

We pride ourselves on building CONFIDENCE within each student, in a SAFE ENVIRONMENT whilst increasing their SELF DEFENCE knowledge and FITNESS.

What is KRAV MAGA?

Never heard of KRAV MAGA, or want to know more about how Krav Maga is different to traditional Martial Arts?

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